Memory Lane Monday: Hair Edition

"My hair and my personality have a few things in common, one is that they both spiral out of control."

Sorry for the crappy old school pictures. I constantly talk about the "journey" I took in finding myself, style-wise and life-wise. I thought it would be sort of cool for you guys to actually see that journey. This time, I will be talking about my hair experiments (the styles I loved and the "what the heck is that" styles). So here we goooooo!

Would you believe that as a little girl I looked like this? 
2 Years Old

I rocked a pixie.
 14 Years Old

At one point I rocked the Salt-N-Pepa three different hair length style (shaved in the back with the left side longer than the right side). I also dyed my hair a purplish-red.
15 Years Old

I grew it out.
17 Years Old

Then cut it again
17 Years Old

At seventeen I had three different hairstyles, this time, I decided to shave my head. At this point, I was one of those scissor crazy, emo/punk/goth kids. It was also a Feminist moment proving that I can still be a beautiful female without hair.
17 Years Old

I had tried to go natural at eighteen but decided to get a perm after only six months.
18 Years Old

18 Years Old

Also over the years I had a collection of wigs.

^^I really hate this one^^

As I get older, I feel that I experimented enough and I want something grown up and sophisticated (I mean its bad enough that I look younger than my actual age). There are a few things I wish I would have done when I was teen and they are:

1. I wish I would have kept going with my natural hair journey at 18. It was a waste going back to perms since years later I ended up going natural again.

2. Some of the wigs I wore, I wish I had left them at the store.

3. I wish I wore fewer accessories. Some of those earrings do not look right with those necklaces.

I hope these aren't too cringe worthy.

Until Next Time,

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