Advice To My Younger Self

"As you grow, you learn..."

Girl, hang in there. It will get tough, but you will get through it.
You may not have confidence now, but you will blossom into the most beautiful human being.
Don't try to change; embrace our kookiness!
Throw that negativity away!
Stay you. Do you. Grow too!
You deserve it baby girl.
You are you and stay true to you!

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Overwhelmed and Bumblebee Madnesss

"I seriously feel like throwing all my homework out the window and dropping all my classes; but then I realize I have less than a month left in the semester, one semester until graduation, and a killer ambition."

Since mid-March, about six weeks into Spring 2017 classes, the feeling of dread came upon me. Night after night, I found myself staying up well past 1 a.m. to finish all my assignments. Morning after morning, I dragged myself out of bed at 7 a.m. (Even though I as supposed to be in bed by 9:30 pm and up at 5 am.) I'm not complaining, I am absolutely grateful for having such a strong ambition and such successful endeavors at 23. But, dude, I need a break. Falling asleep on New York City transportation is not safe and passing out is not on my agenda. Honestly, it does get tough, and I know it will pay off someday. Lately, I've been too tired to blog. Sorry, homework first! I long for that time I have off so I can go braless (free my boobies, yo!) and don one of my favorite superhero t-shirts while drinking some hot tea and a bottle of vodka (just kidding on the hot tea, hehehe, I mean the vodka).