Lace 'N Legs

I actually got a lot of complements when I was wearing this outfit, which was pretty surprising to me. My favorite complement was a classmate who said "You got some beautiful chocolate legs". The dude just cracked me up and I totally started laughing hysterically. Anyways...
I love this romper from Forever 21. The lace arms were actually pretty cool. I was totally feeling myself! lol. Of course I couldn't pass up on wearing my favorite hat.
Romper ~ Forever 21
Hat ~ Forever 21
Belt ~ H&M
Earrings ~ Made By Me
Necklace ~ Made By Me
Ring ~ Made By Me
Boots ~ Asos


Kicking and Karate Choppin'

It was a very warm day in New York City and this gal has decided to wear a jean jacket and some boots. Well in my defense, I was in school all day and the air conditioner was kicking and karate choppin'! Awkwardness aside I loved this outfit, it was understated and simple. When I decided to put my hair in a hump and wear my hand made spike accessories it added an edgy feeling to my look.
Jacket ~ Macys
Tank Top ~ Forever 21
Skirt ~ Forever 21
Boots ~ Asos
Spiked Bracelets (Both Wrists) ~ Made By Me
Earrings ~ Made By Me