Money, Power, Glory

I want to do more. I need to do more. Even though I've been extremely busy,  I feel the need to set higher standards for myself. I watch so many people around me who aspire to just stay where they are, and I know for sure that's not me. May-be I push myself way too hard, but I got a taste of the real world, and now I want it all. As Lana Del Rey says, "I want money, power, and glory". We may not be talking about the same "money, power, glory", but none the less it what I want.

In this outfit, I did feel mighty powerful with a dash of glory. What I couldn't quite get in the picture was the sheerness of the shirt. It is actually very see-through so I opted for a really pretty bra from Ashley Stewart. Since the shirt was very see-through I decided to wear my duster. I threw on the skirt, shoes, and a ring I made and I was out the door.

Blouse ~ Old Navy
Bra ~ Ashley Stewart {click here}
Skirt ~ Forever 21
Shoes ~ Just Fab
Duster ~ Forever 21
Ring ~ Made by me


Bleached R.B.D.

Ripped, Bleached, Distressed. 
My favorite pair of jeans, the R.B.D.

I would have never thought to pair these jeans with this outfit, but I'm glad I did. Lately, I've been experimenting with my style and so far I'm in love! I have decided to shop in the smaller sizes and found some amazing pieces I would have never even attempt to wear. 

This duster was a longtime item on my wishlist, but I couldn't find it anywhere. After giving up and considering making one from scratch, I had discovered Forever 21 Plus had one on sell! This was a definite bucket full of awesome sauce!

Since I was going to school, I paired this outfit with a tote bag big enough to fit my books and some comfy sandals. Of course, I can't go outside in a bra, so I just threw on a black t-shirt from old navy.

Duster ~ Forever 21+
T-Shirt ~ Old Navy
Jeans ~ Old
Sandals ~ Forever 21
Bag ~ Just Fab