My baby is two years old. Happy Birthday Love, 
 XOXO mommy.

First lets establish this: No, I don't have children. Secondly: Two years ago I started this blog and well, this is my baby. I worked hard on it and I have the right to call it "my baby". With all the revamping I've done, I couldn't be any more pleased with its outcome. Especially since I managed this by myself with two jobs and being a full-time student (I will touch upon that a little bit more in another post).

 Wearing all black has been my staple since I was 11 and at the time of this post I am 22, so yeah it’s been a long time. I noticed I've taken a liking to prints/print mixing and colors. Which is why I felt like Courtney Alexandria needed a revamp (hence the pop of red now found throughout the blog). 

This outfit was actually from a year ago, but I never gotten around to posting it. I love this T-shirt Dress, it's comfortable and casual cool. In my opinion it’s a little too short for me, so I decided to wear a pair of biker shorts underneath. I mostly wear this dress while running errands its light and the breeze always hits right! I threw on my favorite pair of converses that have been through a crap load of battles and my favorite backpack that has seen better days (like seriously, I keep having to crazy glue the flap to the closure). I grabbed my star necklace and bracelet that I made (sorry about the lack of close ups on my accessories, I'll make sure to start doing that).

T-shirt Dress 
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Biker Shorts
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Made by Me

Made by Me

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