Faux Fur

So, in New York right now it is absolutely freezing. I'm probably one of the only winter-born-during-a-blizzard people who absolutely hates the cold. One thing that bugs me is the way my brain works. In the summer I'm wearing denim jackets and 3/4 sleeves, but in the cold months I wear outfits like these. Whatever. it is what it is.

 I fell in love with this bag at first sight. The vest was also another love at first sight. Relax, animal lovers, its faux fur. No animals were harmed in the making of these items.

And these boots... ahh... swoon!
This coat is everything! I can wear the collar a few different ways. I'm thinking of doing a post on the jacket alone, to show all the versatile ways to wear it.
Until Next Time,
Hat ~ Local Beauty Supply Store
Earrings ~ Asos
Tank Top ~ Old Navy
Pants ~ Old Navy
Over-the-Knee Boot ~ Just Fab
Bag ~ Aldo
Vest ~ Target
Coat ~ Jessica London


Truck Stop

Untitled #3



Untitled #2


New Ideas and Great Motives

Untitled #1

So I started thinking... "Since I'm not able to take pictures for the blog, I might as well start making collages of cool outfits I would wear." I will still be posting pictures of myself wearing outfits but, I'm in sloppy college girl mode and I have been looking a mess lately. Excuses, excuses. Blah, blah. I might even blame it on having two jobs, but I still feel like I'm making excuses. For what, I don't know. So no more excuses. I'm taking Alexandria Unique seriously. So expect collages of outfits, pictures of me in outfits, and maybe some hair/makeup pictures. Wink, Wink.

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Lace 'N Legs

I actually got a lot of complements when I was wearing this outfit, which was pretty surprising to me. My favorite complement was a classmate who said "You got some beautiful chocolate legs". The dude just cracked me up and I totally started laughing hysterically. Anyways...
I love this romper from Forever 21. The lace arms were actually pretty cool. I was totally feeling myself! lol. Of course I couldn't pass up on wearing my favorite hat.
Romper ~ Forever 21
Hat ~ Forever 21
Belt ~ H&M
Earrings ~ Made By Me
Necklace ~ Made By Me
Ring ~ Made By Me
Boots ~ Asos


Kicking and Karate Choppin'

It was a very warm day in New York City and this gal has decided to wear a jean jacket and some boots. Well in my defense, I was in school all day and the air conditioner was kicking and karate choppin'! Awkwardness aside I loved this outfit, it was understated and simple. When I decided to put my hair in a hump and wear my hand made spike accessories it added an edgy feeling to my look.
Jacket ~ Macys
Tank Top ~ Forever 21
Skirt ~ Forever 21
Boots ~ Asos
Spiked Bracelets (Both Wrists) ~ Made By Me
Earrings ~ Made By Me


Static Grunge

Jeez. It's been a month since I last published a post. Well, life happens. Being a full-time college student with two jobs is taking its toll on me, so expect huge time lapses in between posts, sorry. Just keeping real ... Anyways on to the outfit.
I love this romper! Its a grungy, static-y twist on the houndstooth print. With my shaved head and long box braids I think it adds an even more edginess to the look.
Romper ~ Forever 21
Boots ~ JcPenny


On the Spot

 When I looked in the mirror that morning, I had a moment of shyness where I almost ran for a cardigan. An extra-long bulky cardigan, but of course I put my big girl panties on and sucked it up, walked out that door with my head held up high.
Dress ~ Forever 21
Shoes ~ JcPenny
Necklace ~ Made by me


Pretty High

My ankles HATE me right now, but they forgave me when I put on the BACKUP FLATS.
At 5 1/2 inches, I admit the shoes are pretty high (emphasis on the pretty). But, of course I had a nice pair of comfy flats for backup. So in total, I only had the wedges on for about three to four hours. Whenever I sat down I slipped them off and when it got too much I slipped on my backup pair. After all, isn’t these shoes only for show? Do people actually keep them on all day? If so, do they hurt? If not, how in the world do you do it?! Tell. Me. Your. Secret.
This has to be my all-time favorite hat to wear so when the weather is about a cool 70o or 80o (which is rare in the state of New York's humidity) I wear it. Trust me, you will see this hat in quite a few posts. I know I kind of totally based this post on the shoes, but believe it or not, I based this whole outfit off of the pants. The shirt came in when I figured that I was wearing way to much black so I wore my black and white striped shirt and white bag. The bracelets where made by me!
Don’t worry, the relationship between my ankles and I is still going strong. LOL!

Hat ~ Forever 21
Shirt ~ Target
Pants ~ Old Navy
Shoes ~ Just Fab
Bag ~ Just Fab
Bracelets ~ Made by me


Skirt N' Chucks

This shirt is about two years old, I originally bought it at H&M. What I liked about this shirt was the yin and yang up against a dark grey background.  Usually when I see a yin and yang shirt the background is usually black or white, so to see such a grungy-grey as the background it was a little refreshing. The skirt was a last minute, “OMG I need to leave like now” moment. I haven’t wore this clutch (originally from Aldo) in a long time and all day I kept thinking about the song “Reunited”. You know that song, “Reunited and it feels so good”. Lol. Of course I wore my chucks (converses). What else would I wear with a skirt?
Shirt ~ H&M
Skirt ~ Forever 21
Clutch ~ Aldo
Shoes ~ Famous Footwear
Earrings & Jewelry ~ Made by me



Ever notice that the shyest person is always the one person that ends up having the loudest mouth and the craziest things to say? Well that’s me once I drop my walls and kick back. Depending on the situation, that happens fairly quickly. Which brings me to my point, at work my presence was known and I made sure of that. Not only my pants, edgy haircut, or my statement necklace played a part in it but, I had personality both visually and verbally. I meant business. I had to take it down a notch so I wore my black wedges and sleeveless-button-down shirt with three simple bangles. The oversized cardigan was a key item to battle New York’s crazy, kooky weather.

Shirt ~ Rainbows
Cardigan ~ Target
Leggings ~ Rainbows
Shoes ~ JcPenny
 Necklace ~ Made by me