Bleached R.B.D.

Ripped, Bleached, Distressed. 
My favorite pair of jeans, the R.B.D.

I would have never thought to pair these jeans with this outfit, but I'm glad I did. Lately, I've been experimenting with my style and so far I'm in love! I have decided to shop in the smaller sizes and found some amazing pieces I would have never even attempt to wear. 

This duster was a longtime item on my wishlist, but I couldn't find it anywhere. After giving up and considering making one from scratch, I had discovered Forever 21 Plus had one on sell! This was a definite bucket full of awesome sauce!

Since I was going to school, I paired this outfit with a tote bag big enough to fit my books and some comfy sandals. Of course, I can't go outside in a bra, so I just threw on a black t-shirt from old navy.

Duster ~ Forever 21+
T-Shirt ~ Old Navy
Jeans ~ Old
Sandals ~ Forever 21
Bag ~ Just Fab


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