Skirt N' Chucks

This shirt is about two years old, I originally bought it at H&M. What I liked about this shirt was the yin and yang up against a dark grey background.  Usually when I see a yin and yang shirt the background is usually black or white, so to see such a grungy-grey as the background it was a little refreshing. The skirt was a last minute, “OMG I need to leave like now” moment. I haven’t wore this clutch (originally from Aldo) in a long time and all day I kept thinking about the song “Reunited”. You know that song, “Reunited and it feels so good”. Lol. Of course I wore my chucks (converses). What else would I wear with a skirt?
Shirt ~ H&M
Skirt ~ Forever 21
Clutch ~ Aldo
Shoes ~ Famous Footwear
Earrings & Jewelry ~ Made by me

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