Pretty High

My ankles HATE me right now, but they forgave me when I put on the BACKUP FLATS.
At 5 1/2 inches, I admit the shoes are pretty high (emphasis on the pretty). But, of course I had a nice pair of comfy flats for backup. So in total, I only had the wedges on for about three to four hours. Whenever I sat down I slipped them off and when it got too much I slipped on my backup pair. After all, isn’t these shoes only for show? Do people actually keep them on all day? If so, do they hurt? If not, how in the world do you do it?! Tell. Me. Your. Secret.
This has to be my all-time favorite hat to wear so when the weather is about a cool 70o or 80o (which is rare in the state of New York's humidity) I wear it. Trust me, you will see this hat in quite a few posts. I know I kind of totally based this post on the shoes, but believe it or not, I based this whole outfit off of the pants. The shirt came in when I figured that I was wearing way to much black so I wore my black and white striped shirt and white bag. The bracelets where made by me!
Don’t worry, the relationship between my ankles and I is still going strong. LOL!

Hat ~ Forever 21
Shirt ~ Target
Pants ~ Old Navy
Shoes ~ Just Fab
Bag ~ Just Fab
Bracelets ~ Made by me

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